Exchange Database

This exchange database displays the international exchange options available for those OVGU students who wish to spend one or two semesters abroad in countries of the Erasmus+ programme (mostly EU countries) and/or the WORLDWIDE programme (non-EU countries). The Erasmus+ programme offers two options: Erasmus-SMS (study semesters) and Erasmus-SMP (practical work, for medical students only). When checking on a specific partner university, observe all related information given thereunder. For application and admission information, refer to our Erasmus+ and WORLDWIDE programme pages.

Students in interdisciplinary study programmes can apply for exchange opportunities of all faculties involved in their course of study. In this case, please filter for all involved faculties and not for the name of the study programme alone. If in doubt, please contact the International Office advisors.

You can't find your study programme? Please contact us for individual advice.

No study placements for Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine are possible now and until further notice.

Every study report concerning a specific partner univeristy is linked to the individual faculty whose student wrote that report. If you wish to see all reports for a specific partner university and not only those from members of your faculty, leave blank the search filters 'Faculty' and 'Course of Study'.

For optimal presentation of our exchange database results, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox.